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Volcano Reed Diffuser

Family: Boisè, Spicy

Scent: Marika Symard


The light volcanic teal-coloured perfumed room diffuser is a reflection of the imaginative countryside which is home to Mount Etna’s lava clay, and its iron micro-elements. Its artistic fragrance has been finely created  by Maryka Symard. The perfumed room diffuser reveals notes of lemon, cardamon, smoked tea, rose cedarwood and musk, cleverly mixed into a combination of spice and vibrance which caresses all the senses together. 

Each article is handcrafted, and any differences between them represent the uniqueness and authenticity of the product.  

Olfactory Notes
Head – Lemon
Heart – Smoked Tea
Base – Moss

The decor of the Volcano perfumed room diffuser, with its handmade ceramic container, expresses strong presence and personality. The musical rhythm of the decoration resounds in a dynamic flow of lozenges, lines and lattices, which accentuate the unexpected contrast with the soft, sweet character of its distinctive illustrations, all of which come from the Balarm collection.

natural candles Made in Italy Essensitive

Head –Lemon

Heart – Smoked Tea

Base – Moss

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