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Galatea Reed Diffuser

Family: woody, spicy, oriental, chypre.

Maître Parfumeur: Irene Farmachidi


The perfumed room diffuser Galatea is tinged with the transparent light blue colour of the Nebrodi mountain skies, recreating the lightness and luminosity of a Spring day. Its artistic fragrance is inspired by the Nebrodi mountains perfume by Irene Farmachidi. Its spicy, resinous, cypress and boisè notes recall rows of century old Fir trees along the Nebrodi mountains, evoking the sun and the warmth of Sicily even during the coldest months. Each article is hand-crafted, and any differences between them represent the uniqueness and authenticity of the product.

Olfactory Notes
Head – Fir needles
Heart – Cloves
Base – Resin

The decor of this hand-made room diffuser weaves the intense blue of the Nebrodi mountains with notes of pink, navy and beige, while the vegetable and floral elements combine in elegant harmony, new and contemporary. Its hand-crafted and distinctive design make it a unique and pleasant object for any environment.

natural candles Made in Italy Essensitive

Head – Fir Needles

Heart – Cloves

Base – Resins

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